What is Yom HaAtzmaut?

10 Ways to Celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut
from New England

1. Invite friends and family to wear the colors of the Israeli flag (blue and white) and host a party with blue and white foods, BBQ, Israeli foods & music.

Find recipes from last year's celebration here or order food from a local Israeli restaurant:

Watch a quick history refresher before guests arrive here.

2. Write an Israeli with special needs, an Israeli Holocaust survivor, or a Lone Soldier

Show your support for Israelis with special needs, a Holocaust survivor, or Lone Soldiers through the The Israel Forever Foundation.

3. Watch an Israeli movie or tv show, listen to Israeli music, or read an Israeli newspaper online, in English or Hebrew.

Here are some music videos to get you started:

An uplifting music video with historical clips by the Fountainheads.

An inspiring music video with 12,000 Israelis singing to celebrate Israel’s 70th.

A Yom HaAtzmaut-themed video, with historical clips, featuring the Maccabeats.

4. Watch documentary footage of the re-establishment of Israel through the Spielberg Jewish Film Archive

Watch these epic documentaries about the birth of Israel.

Israel Reborn - 1948

The Land of Promise - 1926

5. Read the Israeli Declaration of Independence and explore Ha Tikvah together

Read the Israeli Declaration of Independence here and explore Ha Tikvah being sung, sing it yourself, and discuss the lyrics here.

6. Donate time or money to support a local, national, or international Israel-focused organization

Watch this video featuring Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (Z"L) to learn more about Tzedakah.

7. Deliver a personal prayer to the Western Wall

If it's in keeping with your tradition to pray, you can add Israel to your prayers and consider using a free service to deliver a personal prayer to the Western Wall by clicking here.

For inspiration, check out two versions of the Prayer for the State of Israel

8. Learn about, watch and play Matkot (paddles) with friends or family

Learn more about Israel's beloved beach pastime Matkot (paddles), watch others play, or try playing with friends and family.

9. Create an impressive Yom HaAtzmaut craft project

Teens can create their own Yom HaAtzmaut craft project, like this one from The Israel Forever Foundation.

Younger children might prefer to make a simple Mizrach sign to hang on a wall in your home, signaling which direction is East, towards Jerusalem (from the U.S.)

You can find a variety of free templates online, or they can make their own unique creation.

10. And, of course....

Start planning your next visit to Israel!

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More ideas for family fun in Israel can be found here as well.